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Running 10 music blogs for my fav bands would be too much work, so they’re all here on one page. Toni from New Zealand 90's music fanatic. I read a lot so you'll find plenty of quotes about music and also you might have to endure my artwork and current obsession with Matt Corby's music. [It could be a long term thing...just sayin]

What does the title King Animal mean to you?

I’m not really sure. I think it relates more to the imagery than anything else. I think it also can relate to how the band started out and its essence. We were a big fish in a small pond, and we sort of graduated. There was a sense of us feeling like it was us four against the world. We clearly had that from the very beginning. In some weird way after all this time, we persevered. The album kind of stands out as a symbol and an indication of that.

Chris Cornell

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