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Running 10 music blogs for my fav bands would be too much work, so they’re all here on one page. Toni from New Zealand 90's music fanatic. I read a lot so you'll find plenty of quotes about music and also you might have to endure my artwork and current obsession with Matt Corby's music. [It could be a long term thing...just sayin]

“The first time I heard Smells like Teen Spirit definitely was at the OK Hotel. Everyone was having a good time and then this song started and it was like the room just exploded. You just can’t help it, it was a visceral response, and people were saying ‘What was that? What was that? What was that?’”

Susie Tennant Sub Pop Records

Taking punk to the masses – Jacob McMurray

 Local bands such as Mudhoney, Tad, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Nirvana played at the OK Hotel. QOTSA played their first live show there.[Wikipedia]

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