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Soundgarden, my other favourite 90's bands and Matt Corby. Mostly.

Natasha -The traditional role of the bass in music is one of rooting and foundation. Yet what is this madness that compels you? I honestly find the effect most unsettling.

Ben – Good. I’m glad you’re unsettled by it. These guys let me have the freedom to do that because usually who cares what the bass player plays right? you rock and roll…

Natasha – Usually it is not the lead instrument I will agree with you. So do you feel more freedom ….do you feel more control?

Ben - No control is freedom.

This band allows everyone to have the freedom to do that.

Natasha - You’re rebelling against the structural ideas…

Ben -No, I’m embellishing not rebelling

Chris – I think we’re all rebellishing 

Alain and Natasha interview  -SG 1996

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