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Running 10 music blogs for my fav bands would be too much work, so they’re all here on one page. Toni from New Zealand 90's music fanatic. I read a lot so you'll find plenty of quotes about music and also you might have to endure my artwork and current obsession with Matt Corby's music. [It could be a long term thing...just sayin]

Fluids such as beer, ketchup and mayonnaise were sucked back out of the stomach - along with gastric juices – and then poured into a glass. Audience members would be challenged to drink it. The vomitous elixir was dubbed “Bile Beer”, and during the Lolla tour, Chris Cornell started the ball rolling on a battle to see who could drink the most of the disgusting brew. Chris Cornell was the instigator, Chris strode out on the stage, took the mike, and said something to the effect of ‘I sure am thirsty. Might I try the vile bile?’ The crowd went ballistic as he guzzled the whole quart. The next night Eddie Vedder took our stage, and slurped back a liter. Al Jourgensen (of Ministry), realizing he couldn’t be first, decide to make up for it in quantity. The next night he tossed back two quarts and asked for more. What he didn’t realize was Eddie was gonna challenge him. The war was on. By outdoing Al the very next night, when he chugged two quarts as well; but Eddie, as he was quick to point out, had drunk it before. Al countered by returning the next night, and equaling the score. By tour’s end their bile battle had resumed. For the second-to-the-last show, Eddie climbed on our stage and defiantly downed another quart. He was ahead of Al again! For the final show, Al clambered onstage and downed a quart himself, to once again even the score. That night backstage, Al and Eddie eyed each other, knowing the bile war was unwon and that there would never be a truce. http://www.twofeetthick.com/2007/07/lollapalooza-92-retrospective/

#this is so gross I’m gagging just reading it. There’s a clip on youtube if you have a strong stomach

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